Why blog

Dear fellow cats

You have probably already wondered why I have created this blog instead of taking an extra nap in one of my favourite warm spots.

If I had a simple answer I would give it to you immediately. I do not, but I will try to explain, and please forgive me if it gets confusing.

As you know we are not known for our intellectual capacity, but what we do not have in mental swiftness we have in time to think and reflect. I live as an indoor cat who often sits in the window ledge and look out on life going on three stories below. Not that much happens but it makes my thoughts wander. Every morning a newspaper drops through the door slit, and I have all the day to read it. Not that it is pleasant reading, but it fills up my day and complements what I observe through my windows. Living that routine for several years observing and reading have filled me with an indefinable unrest urging me to express myself.

Almost everything I see is related to humans. With good right you might wonder why I offer them my attention. There is an explanation which I will provide some day, but that have to wait for now. The bottom line is that I do and that I for years have observed that they seems to behave stupid although they claim to be the species with the most brilliant and superior brain.

Therefore my fellow cats I cannot help myself, please forgive me.

I will be very happy when you comment and share my life and thoughts.

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