Dear visitor I thank you gratefully for coming by.

The life of a cat living on second floor at a rather dull family does not bring me much around, actually nowhere at all.

Because you have taken your time to come here I would be happy to present myself.

I am a 6 year old male neutered (!) cat living on second floor in a cohousing flat together with two adults, two children, an additional cat (my sister Liv) and an occasional rabbit called Sylte.

At the right you can see a picture of Sylte. He is my best friend although he only lives with us occasionally.

Below you can see Liv who is one of my sisters. We live at the same place because the human family I live with bought us at the same time.

My sister LivHonesty I think she is a little annoying. We share rooms, food, water and cat tray. As you might know cats are not that fond of cat company. At least I am not. I guess she feels the same about me, but we generally tolerate each other and it is very seldom that I need to show her who’s in control. I prefer the company of Sylte, he stays in his cage or on the floor when he is allowed to walk around and do not occupy my favourite places.

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