Good bye

Dear all, I left this world on February 22, 2016. I had become a tired old cat who did not enjoy living in this world anymore. My family did help me leave in a quiet and peaceful way.

I wish you all good luck.

It’s politics now

It has been a while since my last post. I have enjoyed my cat life from a warm chair while I have experienced the humans fool around destroying each others life. The conflicts around the world seems just to spread and grow. The antagonism against refugees and muslims has constantly increased since my last post, and I am afraid it will continue that way.

Yesterday my family watched the movie Schindlers list. It is undoubtedly a very good movie, but my sensitive cat heart cannot cope with all that human violence. I tried to sleep in my warm chair ignoring the film. Although these lines said by Amon Goeth, the commandant of Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp, stroke my mind with terror:

There’s no future in it. They don’t have a future.

That’s not just good, old-fashioned, Jew-hating talk.

It’s policy now.

I think that is what actually is going on in many places. What years ago just was marginal nationalist hate speech and propaganda against immigrants, refugees and muslims seems more and more to become generally accepted values and integrated in the mainstream political agenda. As an example I have read that the Danish government will make campaigns that scares refugees from choosing Denmark as destination. Just another small drop in the glass adding up in the demonizing of the others. In the current political logic, the others are parasites threatening our wealth and culture. Demonizing groups of people is as far as my simple cat-mind knows, the first and necessary step for humans to do really bad things.

The human memory seems so very short, even seen from a cats perspective. Evil seems likewise to be so much an inseparable part of human society – democratic og not. There are times when most can see, just until it’s politics.

Here a picture of one single woman who became victim of a policy.


She was one of millions and certainly not the last in human history. In this moment several refugees probably dies in the mediterranean sea, just because the Europeans cannot agree on how to handle it. Of course it could be handled, it’s just politics.


Hi my fellow cats

I have thought about it for some time, but I cannot find anything in The Cat History about terrorism and cat terrorists. Since 911 it seems to be human terrorists everywhere, and many criminals using or planning some sort of violence are called terrorists.

Before 911 a typical terrorist was a member of an organisation like RAF, PLO and IRA. Organisations that used terror systematically to create fear, attention and influence in a political struggle.

After 911 the concept is used more indiscriminately on e.g. islamic humans reacting violent on religious blasphemy like the Muhammad Cartoons. Why is that? Is the concept of terrorism just worn out, or is it because of the extensive anti-terrorism legislation made after 911 which empowers the authorities more than ever?


What do you think my fellow cats?

Norwegian Absurd Theater

Hi cats

The name and acts of the Norwegian murderer Anders Behring Breivik has even reached a peace-loving cat like me. Now a trial has begun in Norway scheduled for several weeks, where the murderer himself plays a leading actor in a setup basically created by himself. Why on earth does the Norwegian human society provide that scene? He is guilty of 77 (seventy-seven) murders which he already has admitted.

The trial is about determining whether he is mentally ill or not, but does that make sense? We cats would say that he obviously is insane, but when he is capable of doing what he did, he cannot be severe mentally ill.

He and his defence lawyers neither claims that he is mentally ill.

Why go through a painful trail which mainly serves the murderers interest?

An answer might be that Norway still is in shock and resist to realize that the murderer is a part of themselves, and not a foreign demon.

My fellow cats, what do you think? Any Norwegian cats around to contribute?

Moral superiority

Hi my sinful cats

I have for some time wondered about the difference in moral attitude from the different earthly human cultures.

Common for them all is that they consider themselves as superior, which is understandable and a necessity for survival.

Some cultures are mostly introvert and do not really care about the outside necessity except if the outside world can contribute with resources. One might call these cultures for close-minded, because they resist influence from the outside world.

Others are more extrovert and claims moral superiority seeing themselves as models for others. One might call these cultures for self-righteous, because they are very concerned with other cultures behaviour and wickedness.

As a cat living in Denmark I consider myself living in a human culture belonging to the self-righteous type. Denmark is a democratic protestant western country. Human democratic christian countries seems these days very concerned about the more close-minded counterparts. They even go to war and support insurgents to try to enforce cultural change. Are these activities righteous or self-righteous? Are they ethical and moral justifiable? Dear cats what do you think?


Hi cats

My thoughts are still occupied with Syria and the violence going on there. I found this picture showing how Homs has been treated.

I do still not really understand the conflict going on, but I am glad I am far away. I hope all you innocent cats in Homs will manage to survive.