It’s politics now

It has been a while since my last post. I have enjoyed my cat life from a warm chair while I have experienced the humans fool around destroying each others life. The conflicts around the world seems just to spread and grow. The antagonism against refugees and muslims has constantly increased since my last post, and I am afraid it will continue that way.

Yesterday my family watched the movie Schindlers list. It is undoubtedly a very good movie, but my sensitive cat heart cannot cope with all that human violence. I tried to sleep in my warm chair ignoring the film. Although these lines said by Amon Goeth, the commandant of Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp, stroke my mind with terror:

There’s no future in it. They don’t have a future.

That’s not just good, old-fashioned, Jew-hating talk.

It’s policy now.

I think that is what actually is going on in many places. What years ago just was marginal nationalist hate speech and propaganda against immigrants, refugees and muslims seems more and more to become generally accepted values and integrated in the mainstream political agenda. As an example I have read that the Danish government will make campaigns that scares refugees from choosing Denmark as destination. Just another small drop in the glass adding up in the demonizing of the others. In the current political logic, the others are parasites threatening our wealth and culture. Demonizing groups of people is as far as my simple cat-mind knows, the first and necessary step for humans to do really bad things.

The human memory seems so very short, even seen from a cats perspective. Evil seems likewise to be so much an inseparable part of human society – democratic og not. There are times when most can see, just until it’s politics.

Here a picture of one single woman who became victim of a policy.


She was one of millions and certainly not the last in human history. In this moment several refugees probably dies in the mediterranean sea, just because the Europeans cannot agree on how to handle it. Of course it could be handled, it’s just politics.