Norwegian Absurd Theater

Hi cats

The name and acts of the Norwegian murderer Anders Behring Breivik has even reached a peace-loving cat like me. Now a trial has begun in Norway scheduled for several weeks, where the murderer himself plays a leading actor in a setup basically created by himself. Why on earth does the Norwegian human society provide that scene? He is guilty of 77 (seventy-seven) murders which he already has admitted.

The trial is about determining whether he is mentally ill or not, but does that make sense? We cats would say that he obviously is insane, but when he is capable of doing what he did, he cannot be severe mentally ill.

He and his defence lawyers neither claims that he is mentally ill.

Why go through a painful trail which mainly serves the murderers interest?

An answer might be that Norway still is in shock and resist to realize that the murderer is a part of themselves, and not a foreign demon.

My fellow cats, what do you think? Any Norwegian cats around to contribute?

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