Moral superiority

Hi my sinful cats

I have for some time wondered about the difference in moral attitude from the different earthly human cultures.

Common for them all is that they consider themselves as superior, which is understandable and a necessity for survival.

Some cultures are mostly introvert and do not really care about the outside necessity except if the outside world can contribute with resources. One might call these cultures for close-minded, because they resist influence from the outside world.

Others are more extrovert and claims moral superiority seeing themselves as models for others. One might call these cultures for self-righteous, because they are very concerned with other cultures behaviour and wickedness.

As a cat living in Denmark I consider myself living in a human culture belonging to the self-righteous type. Denmark is a democratic protestant western country. Human democratic christian countries seems these days very concerned about the more close-minded counterparts. They even go to war and support insurgents to try to enforce cultural change. Are these activities righteous or self-righteous? Are they ethical and moral justifiable? Dear cats what do you think?

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