Fellow cats

Occasionally I meet with an acquaintance, a handsome Persian cat.  Every time I come by things regarding Iran, I think about him. He is a nice cat, and honestly I envy him his fluffy fur.

For a long time the Western powers have disliked the Persian regime. I understand that they fear they will get nuclear weapons, even though they have a lot themselves. They do not like that they are Muslims and that they are not democratic. A trade embargo has been enforced and many agitate for a military attack.

Having discussed some history with my acquaintance, it seems to me that every time the Western powers intervene in Middle East affairs it costs many lives, destroys the infrastructure and creates chaos. Not that the regimes beforehand was ideal, not at all. Why all that human destruction and aggression? The little word oil is certainly a key explanation.

I always get terrified when I think about how much misfortune oil have brought to the Middle East. Unfortunately it will probably continue for many years ahead, and the oil greedy nations will come up with imaginative excuses for getting what they need to support the human lifestyle.

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