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Today’s news sent my good mood from yesterday far away. Two teenage girls was sitting or leaning on a railing on a bridge placed in my city. The railing was corroded and broke with the result that both girls did fall 4½ meters. One of the girls broke her back and has become paralysed from the waist and down. It did strike me with such sadness. In my family lives a teenage girl with the same age which brings this accident even closer.

How could this happen? It could happen because the municipality has not maintained the railing. The municipality has made the city dangerous for it’s own citizens, because it has cut spendings on maintenance.

Why has the municipality cut spendings on maintenance? I think it has done that because people do not want to pay for it. Why do people not want to pay for it? I think because they want to use the money on themselves. Why spend money repairing a railing on a bridge when the money could be spend on a holiday to Thailand or a new flat screen TV or a cool hair cut or a diamond ring or a something else luxurious thing which really doesn’t matter? Have I got a point or am I just emotionally unstable?

By the way, the head of the municipal authority responsible for the railing have apologised and informed that the injured can claim compensation. That really calmed me down.

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