Solitude (2)

Hi cats

My rabbit friend Sylte has left for visiting the other family where he also lives. He has two homes.

We will miss each other, and for a while I will have to discuss the daily subjects with myself.



Hi Cats

Remember my post Love and Hatred? I read today that 1 million Danish humans now live alone. The Danish population is approximately 5.5 million, which means that almost one out of five humans lives alone.

The news did not inform about how many cats lives alone. Guess it is very few, although we just mind our own business.

Moody Moody’s


During the human financial crisis, it became obvious that some of the leading credit rating agencies had played a controversial role. Besides it is a fact that they gave high credit rates to companies which was days away from bankruptcy, there was also thrown suspicion on their objectivity. Said with other words, maybe they were more a part of the problem then a part of the solution.

I had expected that intelligent humans would have learned by that and degraded the credit rating of the credit rating agencies to B-.

Surprisingly it seems that the credit rating agencies have more power than ever.

Cats might have a short memory, but nothing compared to humans.

Love and hatred

Dearest cats

My thoughts have been circling around human war and aggression lately. I would like to use my limited capacity on more encouraging matters, but it often forces my attention.

As you might know I live with a human family consisting of two adults and two children. I observe their behaviour and ways to cope with each other. This micro cosmos of the human society reveals a lot of the bigger picture.

What I see is that they use a lot of energy to fight each other. The children fight among themselves, the adults fight among themselves and even the adults and children fight among themselves. Everyone fight for their own interests and so few common interests exist. Often they even do not fight for their own interest but fight to spoil the others. A cocktail of inferiority, superciliousness, selfishness, insecurity and self-hatred seem to dominate their relations . Much more seldom I see empathy and caring. Actually the ones getting most of that are Liv, Sylte and me. Not that I complain about that, but I think it would be better if it was more evenly distributed.

I have been thinking about why the human behaves that way. I think one of the main reasons is that most humans do not have any or very few common goals anymore. In the modern (Danish) society poverty and hunger is eliminated. Social and cultural structure is blurred (or under reconstuction) and everyone has to define themselves constantly. This makes the family and community to tools for self-definition and not as given institutions defining the individual and its role.

I see that the humans have big time conflicts in this narcissistic, self-centred and basically meaningless culture. It seems to me that the human individual has been left to herself more than ever.

Cats have learned to cope with this for thousands of years. We just try to avoid each other’s company.


Fellow cats

Occasionally I meet with an acquaintance, a handsome Persian cat.  Every time I come by things regarding Iran, I think about him. He is a nice cat, and honestly I envy him his fluffy fur.

For a long time the Western powers have disliked the Persian regime. I understand that they fear they will get nuclear weapons, even though they have a lot themselves. They do not like that they are Muslims and that they are not democratic. A trade embargo has been enforced and many agitate for a military attack.

Having discussed some history with my acquaintance, it seems to me that every time the Western powers intervene in Middle East affairs it costs many lives, destroys the infrastructure and creates chaos. Not that the regimes beforehand was ideal, not at all. Why all that human destruction and aggression? The little word oil is certainly a key explanation.

I always get terrified when I think about how much misfortune oil have brought to the Middle East. Unfortunately it will probably continue for many years ahead, and the oil greedy nations will come up with imaginative excuses for getting what they need to support the human lifestyle.

War, the human constant


Yesterday I used a war metaphor when talking about politics. I discussed that today with my rabbit friend Sylte. Why do I often think on war when I concern myself with human activities? Well obviously war is an intrinsic quality of the human species, and they do perform it continuously. According to my humble knowledge no species in Earth history has destroyed themselves as much as humans.

Cats would never act in such an agressive and destructive way neither against ourselves nor against others. Of course we like to kill a bird or mouse from time to time, but that is mostly just for the hunt. No excuse but it never get organised like warfare and genocide.

Sylte and I agreed that agressive behaviour seems to be an immanent part of the nature of the human species and that the recognition of that is important to understand the human society and activity.

We still do not know what this insight can be used for. Maybe we need to investigate the human concept of love and empathy to comprehend? Sylte and I think they are hard to understand, just like warfare.

Forgive me but I have to think more about that. Luckily I have Sylte to discuss these difficult issues with.

Congestion charge

My fellow cats

When the not so new government did run for election, they promised to decrease public transport fares and to raise the quality of public transport in Copenhagen. The economical means for that should be implementation of congestion charge.

After the election they have been very surprised that this upsets a lot of people and it seems that they have not been diligent enough in their preparations.

I once read in the old Chinese book of war, Sun Tzu:

Hence the saying: If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

I think that the not so new government neither knows themselves nor knows their opponents in this political fight for the congestion charge. If they had prepared thoroughly, they would never have ended up in the misfortune they have put themselves in on this matter.

Are the human politicians becoming lazy? Have they forgotten how much it means to stick together and be prepared? Maybe the previous government made them believe that it’s all about spin. Even on that they are amateurs.

Luckily cats do only travel by feet, but we also have four of them.

X Factor


Once again the humans watch a stupid tv-program called X Factor. I tell you, Sylte, my rabbit friend, he has got much more x factor than all those wannabes.

He has really got star quality, even though he never sings.

Soldier Blue

My dear fellow cats

Denmark is a small country with a small army. Even though the Danish humans seem to think that it makes a lot of difference in the world. The importance in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya cannot be underestimated if you ask most Danish politicians.

Even a stupid cat can see that it is human megalomania. While the Danish army has changed the world the last 10 years, it has at the same time fooled itself several times being caught in serious lies.

Thinking about it, the biggest problem is not the untruthful behaviour, it is that only very few human citizens really seem to care.

When was it the humans did loose their sense of reality?