The greed for power

In Denmark the humans have recently elected a new government. Such an event reveals much of the sad nature that I have observed with the humans. Losers have become winners, black has become white and vice versa. On my daily trip through the news I particularly noticed an article about the orphanage children from Godhavn (Godhavnsrapporten). Children was brutally abused and ill-treated during many years first ending as late as 1976. Before the change of government two politicians, Mette Frederiksen and Özlem Cekic, worked hard but without success to get the government to make a public apology on behalf of the state of Denmark. Now when they have become part of the government they are silent and the new minister for Social Affairs have declared that they will not give an official apology. So fast the wind can change in politics, I am happy it most of the time only hurts humans.

Cats always care about their kittens, except when we kill them.